dear diary i have done my BTEC ict folder, my digital portfolio intro and who its for, my time line, my navigation (layout), i have done my three designs, i have done a post about me and i have chosen the design i am going to use.

By crofty69


hi my name is Ash Crofts and i am 14 years old i like shooting,fishing,football and im am a currently brown black tab 2 in jujitsu. i have 3 brothers and a sister one of my brothers is in highschool but the rest are in primary. i like driving my motor bike and i hope to get into racing in the near future.

By crofty69

my chosen design

i have chosen design 1 because the layout  is simple and easy to use but it looks good aswell. its good because it tells you what it is about (my portfolio). to improve it im going to make it better by refining the layout. i dont like the other two because of the colour sceme’s and the layout is not as good and is a bit scrappy.

the audience will be any one who whants to look at it as it looks smart but is simple and easy to use. my design will fit some one who like things to be smart but are not very tecnoligicly advanced maybe some one who has just started work in an office?

the purpose of this portfolio is to show teachers and future employers my high level of ict skills.

By crofty69